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Welcome Ebenezer Noble Schools

Ebenezer Noble school is founded in 1999 as day care and later grow into school . we are established to raise children with high moral standers in a Godly way to have the fear of God, pupils who have passed from this school has excel in various field in life. We give quality education at an affordable price. This is the best school for the chip you love.

Core Values


Hard Work

Strength In Unity



Our Sole Aim

Our sole aim is to raise people to be relevant to to the society to ensure that we our subject which are key like mathematics , English studies,science , religious and national value , prevocational studies. Pupils learn both theory and practical in ICT because technology rules that world

AT Ebenezer Noble Schools we offer excellence . OKs foundation is everyone's choice, we have great potential to rule our generation. OKs foundation we shall always go up higher. That our school anthem

We also value our culture that why we also offer your a studies. We also a foreign language teacher teaching French. We are offer phonic teaching pupil the right pronunciation of words and how to speak eloquently. Our pupils are exceptional. We have a lot of extra curricular activities like color day, vocational day, career day, art day, etc

20 Years of Experience

We have been in the job of teaching for a long time now, we have all your kid needs for a better education

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