About Us

Vision Statement

To empower all pupils to embrace learning an achieve greatness through enhancing their social, physical and mental well-being.

Mission Statement

We are committed towards promoting and sustaining intellectualism and creativity by providing our pupils with a form of qualitative education; which lays great emphasis on love, self-discipline and respect as qualities worth imbibing in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Head Teacher's Address

We have a very active association, and our aims and objectives are as follows:
To assist the school authorities in achieving their fundamental objectives as stated in the prospectus.
To assist the school authorities the provision of the necessary educational facilities for the achievement of the objectives outlined above
To promote harmonious working relations and mutual understanding among parents and between teachers and parents as partners in progress


The most alien culture to most literature people in this nation is lack of reading culture. This nation is lack of reading culture. This evil is intended to be dealt with in the school. The school will encourage educational novels, magazines e.t.c
This will:
1. Improve both spoken & written English
2. Assist them to communicate well
3. Help them to discover the truth hidden in books so that they will be enlightened.
The school has a library stocked with suitable and adequate books for their age.

Our Facilities


All stationery pencil books and learning materials are provided by the school and parents will be charged for these.


A well equipped first Aid box with a trained Nurse is available in the school to treat minor cases of illnesses during school hours.


All fees are payable by bank draft or bank certified cheque to the School Bursar

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